Best Toilet for The Buck in 2017

If you are in the market for a new toilet you have numerous options. You should first measure the space in your bathroom to give you a starting point. From there you can examine different styles that will fit your budget and preferences. Bowl shape, toilet height, and style are all elements you will want to consider before you make your purchase. Below are two of the top affordable Toiletadvisors – Best Toilets Reviews 2017.

TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia

This top pick from TOTO utilizes the revolutionary Dual Max flushing system in a comfortable, elongated design. Users have the option of choosing between 0.9 and 1.6 gallon-per-flush capacity, thus saving valuable water resources. The lower setting is efficient for liquid waste while the higher setting is best used for solid bulk waste.

The toilet is at a universal height to make getting up and down easy. It features an elongated skirt for a super sleek look that will look great in a modern bathroom. The skirt also makes cleaning a snap and can prevent dirt and bacteria build up.

The commode comes in a two-piece design for easy installation, adding to its affordability. In addition, the two-piece design makes it smaller, give homeowners slightly more room than a one-piece unit would.

The Aquia is compliant with CalGreen standards as well as the Water Sense Program. The Water Sense Program is sponsored by the EPA and partners with companies to protect the future of the nation’s water supply.

Overall, the TOTOCST412MF.01 Aquia is a great buy for savvy buyers looking for an affordable attractive toilet.

American Standard 2034.014.02 Champion-4

This attractive commode from American Standard provides powerful flushing performance. The toilet is even capable of flushing of bucket balls (though not recommended for sewer systems!), so users can be confident it will handle solid waste efficiently.

The EverClean Surface is a revolutionary feature. Composed of vitreous china, the inside and outside of the toilet has an antimicrobial surface coating. This element prevents the growth and build-up of mold, bacteria and mildew, making it a snap to clean.

The toilet comes in a comfortable elongated design. The seat is high and can accommodate users with disabilities. It has an approval from the American Disabilities Act.

In summary, this toilet from American Standard offers great value for its affordable price.